How to swap

Before you can swap, you'll need to connect your Solana Wallet and you will need SOL in order to make transactions.

How to set up your wallet:

1. Connect your wallet

2. Once you have connected your Solana wallet, you can choose the token you want to trade by clicking the token symbol on the "You Pay" section. The default token is Solana.

3. Choose the token you want to trade to in the "You Get" section.
4. Enter the amount you wish to swap or use the easy drag amount slider.
5. As you enter the amount, a calculation will be shown below. The estimates below indicates the minimum received FANI, price impact, gas fee, and Faniboost Fee.
6. After checking the estimates below, click the swap button.

7. An Approval Transaction window will pop up. Check the details, then click Approve.

You now have successfully swapped! View your transaction details on Solscan.