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FANI Token

FANI is the native token that powers the Fanitrade eco-system, built on the Solana Blockchain. It delivers a suite of innovative decentralized applications and provides a wide range of utilities and benefits for its holders.
Utilities: FANI token will be used as wage when creating a contract in Fanitrax. FANI token will be used to purchase tickets in order to participate in Fanilotto. FANI will be used as a payment method for trade mirroring services in Fanilikes. Marginal interest payment in Fanilends will be charged in FANI.
Lower Transaction Fee: When using FANI token to pay for fees, .25% will be waived on any transaction fee.
FaniBoost: A percentage of all transaction fees will be distributed as follows: .12% Goes back into the liquidity pool .03% goes directly to staking holders.
FaniEarn: FANI tokens can be staked in Faniearn for daily FANI rewards.
FaniPool: FANI Tokens allocate to the liquidity pool. When users add liquidity to pools they receive LP tokens in exchange. FANI can be added to any FANI pool liquidity in exchange for an LP token.
Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): FANI tokens Holders can participate in critical platform decisions regarding development and revenue strategy.