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What's the difference between FaniTrade and other Exchanges?

FaniTrade is a DEX, which is 100% Custodian free, unlike Binance and other centralized exchanges there is no need to log in to make transactions, you can simply connect your wallet and make your transactions as you please.

What are your KYC protocols?

FaniTrade does not have a protocol for KYC (Know Your Customer) as we are a Decentralized Exchange and do not hold any records and information of users.

What access does FaniTrade have to my wallet?

All transactions are purely peer-to-peer with no involvement from FaniTrade. FaniTrade's protocol does not have access to your private keys at any point.

What can I do on FaniTrade?

Users can Swap, Trade, Earn, Farm, and Stake on FaniTrade DEX. For a list of dApps available please see:

What does FaniVerse offer as a NFT Marketplace?

FaniVerse allows users to Mint (create), sell, purchase, bid on, collect, trade, showcase NFT's on the Solana Blockchain.

What are the current issues with Blockchain Networks?

Most DeFi tokens currently exist on the Ethereum blockchain, having users face slow transactions, high fees and multiple systematic issues, making decentralized trading a challenge for most users. FaniTrade plans to make DeFi accessible and user-friendly, offering intuitive tools that other outdated exchanges fail to deliver.

What are the benefits of FaniTrade?

By utilizing the Solana blockchain, FaniTrade can offer users quick transactions at lower costs. Solana is a future-proof blockchain supporting 50,000 transactions per second for less than $0.00025 each. It also provides users with an advanced user-friendly interface and the first of it's kind limit swap order.

What exchanges will the FANI Token be listed on? And when?

The FANI token will be listed on February 22nd on FaniSwap.

Can anyone list their token on FaniTrade?

Yes, anyone can list their token on FaniPool.

What wallets can I use with FANI?

To connect to FaniTrade, you'll need an SPL wallet. FaniTrade currently supports the following wallets: Phantom, Solflare, Slope, Torus, Ledger, Sollet, and Sollet Extention. FaniTrade will continue to integrate new wallets as they are developed.

Does FaniTrade have a mobile App.

FaniTrade is planning to launch its Mobile App on Android in June of 2022, with an Update on the IOS in September 2022.
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